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Booking is straight forward. Just drop us an email with your dates and we will send you confirmation together with a deposit invoice (usually 20%). Bookings are accepted subject to contract approval on a first come basis. A further 30% kill fee is payable if you decide to cancel within 3 months of your start date. Full fee balance is payable prior to the pick up date. Full fee remains payable if you decide to cancel within 1 month of your pick up date.  Monthly hire fees may be subject to change for short term hires. Certain short term dates may not be available where these dates conflict with natural visitor seasons. Bookings will be subject to our full terms and conditions and due diligence. International bookings will likely attract additional admin, packing, insurance, international agents, and customs charges.

Tour dates – Please let us know if you require to be updated regarding exhibition tour dates and locations.

Transportation and insurance 

We offer the collection on a ‘dry hire’ basis with pick up and delivery usually to and from Central Scotland. A 7.5T Luton Box Van with tail lift is recommended. Contents Insurance, Public Liability, and standard indemnities against loss, non-return, liability and expense associated with third party claims, is the responsibility of the venue, whilst in transit and during the exhibition period. The Hirer will indemnify the the owners of the exhibition and hold it harmless against all claims, liabilities, losses, costs, damages, expenses, including consultants and legal fees and court costs, demands, causes of action, or indirectly arising out of or related to whatsoever which may be brought against it by any person arising out of the hire or the event.

Terms and conditions are subject to change – Our fully up to date terms and conditions/draft agreement is available on request.


Additional information

Due to the rigors of transportation, it is likely that on arrival at the venue, all plinths will require to be painted, indeed we would recommend this. For best results please use silk or satin paint applied by small radiator roller. In the unlikely event of artefact damage, temporary repairs can be carried out after consultation with Ideas.

Any third party IP rights license deemed required for the display of any materials must be sought by the venue prior to display.

The principal artifacts are sourced from a variety of sources including museums, leading auction houses, film studios, TV prop departments, costumiers, prop makers, private institutions and individuals. To our knowledge, our original screen used costumes and props, licensed props personal items or fan-made look-a-like items have been acquired free of any resale or public display restrictions.  Our collections are entirely independent, not affiliated to, endorsed (nor supported) by any individual film production company. No celebrity endorsement is implied or intended. Registered trade marks referred to are the exclusive property of their respective owners. However unlikely, our host venues agree to comply with any request for removal of an item believed to be in breech of any intellectual property restriction. The owners of the collection make no claim to ownership of any such marks or knowingly misuses nor misapplies such marks. Due to our continous development, exhibition content is subject to change, however, any additions, upgrades or other changes outwith our control to a booked exhibition will be notified and agreed with the hosting venue. Our collections are used by institutions for educational, commentary, reporting, research, scholarship and display purposes we believe in a uniquely entertaining way. In particular we would like to thank participating studios for their kind support and encouragement and all who have helped bring these exciting collections together. Contextual images included on descriptive labels are for editorial or educational purposes. These are likely to require clearance or permission from the copyright holders for any purpose such as advertising or marketing. For advertising and marketing purposes we recommend the use of our cleared, pre-prepared press ads, posters and flyers. On all marketing materials we recommend including the following disclaimer: Names shown may be trade marked or registered trade marks of their respective companies. Registered and unregistered trade marks are the exclusive property of their respective owners. The owners of the exhibition and venue make no claim to any such marks nor willingly or knowingly misuses or misapplies such marks. No celebrity nor film production company endorsement is intended or implied. No copyright infringement is intended.

N. B. We recommend that you familiarise yourself with collection prior to booking. The general condition of our collection, (props and costumes) is entirely consistent with use and purpose. In many cases, a distressed appearance is what gives these props their sense of realism, allowing us to suspend our belief. This aged patina is achieved by the prop-maker and accentuated by lighting on set or CGI. For the most part, these items were not created for close scrutiny nor ironically, for display. Although movie props and costumes may not look as slick as they can appear on screen, it is this very quality which make this such a fascinating and seductive exhibition. It’s a behind the scenes look at a unique part of movie making history.

Marketing Materials 

We would love to produce the marketing material for you and with lots of images of the exhibition at our disposal and with a team of some of the best creative designers around, we are probably best place so to do.  We can provide a quotation or work to your budget. Alternatively we can provide empty belly artwork by e-mail.


Audio FX

An ambient sound track to the exhibition is available on CD which will enhance the overall visitor experience.