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How thrilling would it be to come face-to-face with an alien – or the Alien?

Welcome to Sci-Fi Encounters touring exhibition

Visitors can discover just how thrilled when they attend the remarkable Sci-Fi Encounters touring exhibition.

Alien Invasion touring exhibition brings famous aliens, props and costumes from the Sci-Fi blockbusters together in a collection guaranteed to thrill.

On show are alien creatures out of this world equipment, costumes and props from everyone’s favourite Sci-Fi fantasy adventure movies – we have some cute aliens too.

The costume department includes exhibits from Planet of the Apes, Star Trek: Enterprise, Andromeda, Stargate Atlantis, Red Dwarf, and The Chronicles of Riddick, along with the massive Thunderbird 5 studio model (space permitting) among others.

Thousands have come to be enthralled – and perhaps a little frightened – by this exhibition wherever it’s been. When it came to Torquay Museum, the Museum exceeded its annual visitor target in just ten weeks, Gloucester Museum had ‘never seen anything like it’ as their visitor numbers target exceeded by 1000%

Alien Invasion Touring Exhibition

Sci-Fi Encounters Touring Exhibition DETAILS

Size: Flexible; this touring exhibition is a modular exhibition system that fits any space.

Required Security: Regular checking

Hire fee: Hire fee covers all hardware such as plinths, acrylic cases, mannequins etc.

Third party IP rights: Any third party IP rights license deemed required for the display of any materials must be sought by the venue prior to display. Images used in advertising will require prior permission from the original IP holders. In particular, film titles, character likenesses or character names cannot be used in marketing materials without permission from the original IP holder.

Insurance Responsibility: Venue

Transport Responsibility: Venue

Notes: Venue to be alarmed and secure at night.

SCI-Fi Encounters Touring Exhibition PRESS

Read a review of the exhibtion at an Australian beachside town in Warrnambool, Victoria. Warrnambool, Victoria

Read more about this exhibition (and its economic benefits) at Torquay Museum below.

A Monster Hit at Torquay Museum
A monster hit at Torquay Museum, breaking all visitor records – up to 1000 visitors per day!

“Not only has INVASION been a spectacular stand-alone success in attracting visitors,” says Carl Smith of Torquay Museum, “but it has also increased interest in our static collections and improved our customer loyalty – a vital aspect of the long-term health of the museum.”

Torquay Museum’s visitor numbers were launched into orbit when it exceeded its yearly visitor target in just ten weeks. Thanks to INVASION, nineteen thousand visitors came through the museum which expected to see 5,000 in the whole of year.

On the busiest day, over 1,000 visitors came to see the display of creatures, props and costumes from landmark and popular science fiction films and television series. Previously, the highest number of visitors the museum attracted in a day was 300.

“The exhibtion has its roots in a project commissioned for the Zenith Project some years ago” explains Don Jack, Creative Director of Ideas, the design consultancy that provided the exhibition. “We were asked to create a vision for a £20m visitor attraction, indoor ski centre and water park for Scarborough’s North Bay. One of our proposals: UFOLand, evolved into an exhibition which has since appeared in many museums and tourist attractions over the years.”

“Because Ideas is a full service creative agency,” he continues, “we can advise on and provide related merchandising, vital in maximising the profitability of any exhibition. We have enormous experience in developing interactive and educational events, workshops, guest appearances and bolt-on event ideas which we know work, because our clients have used them in the past to great effect.

Torquay Museum

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