Touring Exhibition

Touring exhibition

Touring exhibitions from The Museum of Movie Magic

With family groups desperate to get out and about, there’s an eager and enthusiastic audience looking to experience local visitor attractions, museums, galleries and other public cultural spaces. 

Read this great article by TEO: A new dialogue framework with local audiences.

#ideas #touringexhibtion #ukmuseums #exhibitiondesign #futurestrategy #visitorattraction #people #places #community #business is the home base of without walls Museum of Movie Magic. We have curated a range of amazing, accessible pop culture-themed touring exhibition titles, with mass appeal to family audiences looking for a great day out. Our exhibitions can tour anywhere in the UK or overseas. Our clients include The National Trust, Titanic Belfast, The National Museum of scotland, and after over 40 years in the business, a host of  leading museums and galleries across the globe.

Our incredible range of exhibitions-for-hire feature exceptional iconic objects drawn from our vast private collection of movie props and costumes. The exhibitions can sit at the heart of a range of themed narratives, from science to contemporary cultural heritage. With objects representing diverse academic, cultural, art and design disciplines, these spectacular collections highlight the central role that props and costumes play in cinema storytelling.

Our exhibitions have been designed to easily tie in with educational themes, as an attractor for an existing collection or as a spectacular, stand-alone exhibition.

Everything you need for an outstanding, educational, engaging and successful temporary exhibition is included within our low-cost exhibition loan package. The loan package includes:

Our portfolio of  touring exhibition for hire includes:

All our touring exhibitions include museum labels and information panels. The display units are easily installed and are adaptable to fit any size and type of venue or public space, from museums to shopping malls. We also offer a full design and third party install service where required.

Our curated collection of iconic movie costumes and props can tour anywhere in the UK and around the world. Large and enthusiastic audiences have visited our exhibitions at museums and galleries from Edinburgh, Scotland to Warrnambool, Australia and United Arab Emirates, experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to connect to unforgettable and beloved characters. The exhibitions engage and inspire audiences and offer significant benefits in terms of visitor numbers, income and ongoing interest for the venues and organisations hosting them.

Our exhibitions boost numbers and income for galleries and museums as well as the broader local economy. The beachside town of Warrnambool received an injection of over a million dollars when people came from far and wide to see, first-hand, a collection of props and costumes from their favourite Science Fiction movies.

If you have a gallery, museum or event in need of a dramatic splash, we have exciting, amazing and educational collections for you to augment and underpin your existing activities.

Benefits of our touring exhibitions


Need a purpose-built exhibition designed?

If you need a specialised display, we can work with you to make it happen. Contact as with your brief and we will use our 30-odd years of experience in designing successful exhibitions to make the most of your available budget. We may also be able to help secure funding or sponsorship.

Need a designed-to-order prop?

For monsters, aliens, space ships, time machines, robots, ray guns and other props designed to order see COMPLETE FABRICATION (Turn your sound up!)

Disposing of your collection?

We are always interested in acquiring new exhibits. Call or email us with details if you are downsizing, creating space or would like to generate funds by disposing of any part of your collection.

If you are considering hosting one of our touring exhibitions, contact us for more information or see our TERMS

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Touring Exhibitions

Hire our Touring Exhibitions

Our spectacular temporary exhibitions are always changing, but they’re all created on proven, accessible, pop-culture themes, with mass appeal to family audiences.

Our exhibition system-for-hire includes easy-to assemble graphic museum labels, information panels, plinths and show cases that are adaptable to any size and type of venue or public space, from museums to shopping malls.


Call Don Jack on 01324 716827 or contact us using the email address  below.

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